Sergey Merkulov
co-investor, co-founder
«Vector of the industry reversed dramatically: there is no point for waiting for an innovative breakthrough on a corporate level therefore there is a need to look for another sources of innovations for example among young teams. They have drive and desire to change the world and there is no indifference in them or habits to do everything by rules. We created „Prostor“ to help these talented, active and enthusiastic people.»
Alexey Solovyov
managing director
«My life has significantly changed in 2011: „Prostor“ did not only require all my energy and full commitment, it became the main project of my life. Today, three years later, when we have already achieved so much, I’m starting to realize that we are just in the beginning of our journey, there are still so many things to do and there are lots of new achievements, collisions, winnings and... hard work. Since we don’t want to be just another Fund on the market, we want to participate in the industry development and grow with it. There are a lot of opportunities that have not been realized yet. And a great SPACE for efforts and talents.»
Stanislav Kosorukov
investment director
«It’s impossible to communicate with strong teams all the time and to spin the wheels yourself. Venture business is a catalyst of mutual growth of an investor and a start-up, when two sides keep pushing each other for further growth.»