Media for equity

Media for Equity is an alternative for a classic investment scheme, where all venture structures get a share in a company business in return for promotions in media and websites and without paying a contribution fee. This model already works well on international market because it allows to significantly reduce the time and cost of brand promotion.

Combination of two formats of investment — classic (money) and media allows companies to choose an optimal model of investment depending on its specialty, stage of development and goals.

Our partners are the leading representatives of different segments of media market (Internet, broadcasting and cable television), owners of advertising equipment who are ready to provide the best advertising option for an advertiser by «aiming» the campaign on desired audiences to the maximum.

Target Segments


Media investments are the best for the active growth stage companies that have clear demand for proactive promotion and brand awareness enhancement.  Usually it’s a business specialised on “consumer” Internet and e-commerce:  online-services and online-stores of different specialisations:

  • goods for kids;
  • goods for home and leisure;
  • goods for car enthusiasts;
  • Online tourism and others.

Sample deal parameters

$1-3 million

The range of media investments can be $1 million to $3 million (equivalent to the cost of the advertising inventory). It’s an optimal price of an effective advertising campaign for not so big yet but fast growing business.

Share received by the Fund is usually 5% to 15%.