Prostor Capital investment focus is Russian IT and internet companies with big local sales market and international potential. Feature of our approach to the selection of projects for investment is work with clusters. Cluster is a priority market segment for us. We know 90% of the projects that are working in those segments and form our clusters out of the most interesting and perspective of them.

When evaluating the company we are oriented on common business criteria, but not only. It’s important for us to be on the same wavelength with its team: it improves the quality of co-operation and the chances of dynamic growth and business success.

Deep understanding of features and a potential of each cluster we are interested in allows us to significantly reduce the time of investment decisions.


priority segments
  • new financial technologies: services and products, that can change the future of financial ecosystem
  • new technologies in advertising: services and products, that allow to personalize user’s information with maximum accuracy
  • IT in education: services and products for the optimization of educational process
  • cloud technologies: SaaS services for small and medium businesses
  • digital medicine: b2b and b2c decisions for improving the efficiency of health care and health monitoring

Parameters of investments

$1-10 million

Our fund considers sustainably growing projects (round A and above), that have already crossed the breakeven point. Companies having ready technological product and fast growing clients and users base.

We invest ourselves up to $1.5 million, $1.5 million to $10 million — we form syndicated deals. Volume of the share in company business can be 15% to 30%.