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Welcome to Prostor Capital, venture fund that likes IT and Internet and invests in the best teams on this market. To be the best and be one step ahead — those are the principals we implement in our everyday work.

We always choose the most breakthrough technologies, segments and the most talented entrepreneurs. And offer them the best deals.

We never stand still and we are not afraid of experiments in order to be profitable for those who trust us their money, useful for those we invest in, and innovative for the entire venture capital industry.


We suggest the best investment model for any business depending on a focus of the company, stage of development and business goals.

We strive not only for the financial result as a fund revenue, as well as for the success of every business we invest in. We aim to achieve the maximal quantity of successful stories


In our work, we rely on the best venture practices and our own experience. We know everything about investment business and how to use it to earn money. We can manage big corporations and create successful businesses. We understand technology and market trends: IT, Internet, media and advertising.

And the main thing about us is — we love what we do. And that’s why we’re good at it.


For now we have 12 teams in our portfolio. There are some well-known and dynamically growing companies among them, such as, UMI, Platiza, Smart CheckOut and others.

We see potential partners in every project and not only as an object for investment. We seek to give possibility to young teams to become leaders on their market, create useful business for consumers, as well as effective for investors and interesting for future strategists.

Success of every company we invest in is our goal.


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