Venture Fund Prostor Capital has identified a new target market, it’s online advertising and bought 25% of one of its the most promising players – company CPA Exchange

May 30, 2013

Venture Fund Prostor Capital invested in company CPAExchange —automated service for Internet advertising using CPA (cost per action) model. Fund bought a share of 25% of the company.

CPAExchange buys multiple channels of traffic and automatically picks for its clients the most effective websites for placing ads that would work best for target audience. As a result customers pay per «lead» — a result, beneficial action like filled up form with personal information or submitted application for some services.

CPAExchange has a unique market advantage; it has its own agency-trading desk so clients can buy traffic (RTB) from all big networks (Yandex, Google, Kavanga and so on) directly from there. This is the only company on an advertisement market that uses two models at the same time: CPA and RTB. Access to RTB protocol effects economical activity of the company: CPAExchange is profitable from the start.

Our platform is ambitious and they are planning to conquer 20% of Russian market in 2 years. Company sees a possibility to generate more leads per month than a market average (50-100 thousands), they are planning on 200-300 leads per month, of course it’s mostly possible due to the access to big share of RTB traffic.