Prostor Capital is going to expand its portfolio to 15 companies and attract $60 million to proctor Capital II

July 4, 2013

Russian venture fund Prostor Capital sums up 2 years of work and announces new strategic plan: to create Prostor Capital II.

Prostor Capital was founded in 2011 by a group of private investors. Fund is oriented towards investing in fast growing companies that work in various high potential IT segments. The total market value of the Fund is $ 20 million.

There are 9 companies in Prostor Capital’s profile.

Some of transactions were implemented within the framework of the syndicated alliances with leading players in the venture market in Russia; among them are Runa Capital, EDventure holdings (fund Ester Dyson), Fast Lane Ventures. Total value of the profile increases by about 35% each year and some of the sompanies demonstrate 100% growth each year.

In 2013, Prostor Capital was on a list of the best venture funds of Russia. It’s the youngest company on the list.

Tilll the end of 2013 prostor Capital wants to invest in 5-7 companies in targeted segments. The range of investments — from $ 1 to $ 10 million in each company. In case if an amount of invetments needed will be more than $1,5 million, then the transaction will be carried out in partnership with other market participants.

The planned size of the portfolio until the end of 2013 — about 15 companies.

At the beginning of 2014 Prostor Capital I’ team is going to create Prostor Capital II. In addition to the current investors, there are potential investors of the new fund — 8-10 Russian and international partners. The planned volume of Prostor Capital II — $ 60 million.