Prostor Capital and Flint Capital have closed a syndicated deal with the holding Federal Finance Group

November 27, 2013

Prostor Capital Fund and Flint Capital have invested $3 mln in equal shares to a group of companies Federal Finance Group. All projects share a common holding specialty, which is providing Internet users with remote financial services. Federal Finance Group holding includes the following projects: — online service that provides information on credit cards and gives an ability to design applications for credit cards without visiting the bank. There are offers from 47 banks in Russia integrated in the system. Project monthly audience is more than 800,000 visitors. — Internet service for the provision of microloans online. Loans for the amounts of up to 15 000 roubles and for the period from 1 to 30 days are issued by instant transfer to the ATM cards without a need to provide any documents. has a leading position on the Russian market of online micro lending and provides about 2 million roubles per day of loan financing, with an average loan amount of 10 000 roubles.

National Bureau of Internet Passports ( — Russia’s first online service that provides services for identification and verification of Internet users in order to confirm their identity.

As estimated by J’son & Partners Consulting, remote financial services turnover in 2012 exceeded 890 billion roubles and reached 49% of the turnover of electronic payment systems in general, and in 2017 its share will reach 70%.